Quality Environmental Professionals, Inc.

QEPI Services

Engineering and Hydrogeology

QEPI engineers provide clients with a wide array of expertise and experience with backgrounds in all sectors of the economy from regulatory and education, to industry and government.

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Quality and Process Engineering

Our team of engineers and compliance experts will work closely with you to establish your specific needs and identify and implement a practical and cost effective solution.

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Real Estate Environmental Management

A properly completed property assessment will reveal potential environmental risks before problems arise. The observations and data obtained in such studies will help to minimize the legal, financial and environmental liabilities involved in real estate transactions and regulatory compliance.

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Redevelopment and Decommissioning

QEPI can assist a community or a property developer in overcoming hurdles as properties are redeveloped. Knowledge of facility processes and waste generation are important to planning, decommissioning and demolition activities to prevent or negate environmental hazards.

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Management Consulting and Public Relations

Communication can spell success or failure in many projects. QEPI’s strong public relations practice is built on years of experience and specialized expertise. Our Public Relations staff is comprised of accomplished communications and management professionals with exceptional oral, written, interpersonal and presentation skills and extensive backgrounds.

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Corporate Headquarters

1611 South Franklin Road
Indianapolis, IN 46239
Phone: (800) 400-9047
Local: (317) 351-4255
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Project Success Stories

QEPI was contracted to conduct a Phase II Investigation at the former Flexel Inc. facility in Covington, IN to identify the presence or absence of potential environmental impacts. With QEPI’s assistance, the Covington Community Foundation is attempting to return the Flexel property to productive use as an industrial or technology park.

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